Chair :

Fuling ZHOU / Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, China

Co-chair :



Medical science is a discipline focused on human beings including nomal physiology and pathology happend on humans. But medical science not just limites to these medical disciplines such as immunology, bacteriology, semiology and so on in narrow sense. It involves a lot of interdisciplines like bio-informatique,bio-materials, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, statistics, social economical science and also humanity. Espeically techology science is very tightly related to the medecine. Development in techology science like the optical science or phyical science could help to develop new microscope or new imagerie machine for medical use in diagnosis even in treatment. Also some chemistry development in new materials or in new chemical product which could be applied into clinics and benefit the patitents. There are a lot of connections between the medical science and technology science.Under the background of globalization, medicine should broaden the field of vision and scan widely. Multiplinary science is all the rage these days. In spite of the differences in discipline cultures, the emergence of some novel cross disciplines indicates the development trend of both learning each other, mixing together and interacting.

The topics of this session include but are not limited to

  • Modern digital medical instrument
  • Medical materials
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Bioinformatics and Cloud data
  • Bioengineering and regenerative medecine
  • Cell therapy
  • Model animals
  • Clinical drug development
  • Digital intelligent health care
  • Medical psychology
  • Medical humanity
  • Medical education
  • Medical communication and language


  • Jean-François STOLTZ / Lorrain  University, France